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Canada’s fastest way to obtain a study permit

As many of you know, Canada is one of the world’s fast-paced, super-developed nations.  Its reverberations are also part of their culture of education with study permit in Canada.

In terms of standard teaching and guidance, Canadian universities and colleges stand out. In many respects, knowing and experiencing the country while studying boosts you as an individual.

Your soft abilities such as language, actions get tamed, and you are updated for any fields with a top-quality education.

It’s a smart choice to stress your proficiency with a diploma from Canada. A norm of quality living and vivid possibilities awaits you. 


Direct Stream for Students:


The basic prerequisite for a student who wishes to pursue higher education in Canada is a study permit.

It is a document released by the government of Canada that authorizes foreign nationals to study in Canada. However, acquiring it can also be a time-consuming operation.

The Canadian government has launched a program called Student Direct Stream or SDS to fix this problem, as an easy route for students who want to study in Canada. It provides students with a speedy application process for study permits.

The easiest way to obtain a study permit for Canada


With SDS, applications are processed within 20 calendar days, provided the eligibility is met by him or her. To be considered for an SDS, there are certain requirements to be met by the applicant.

First, he or she must be a legal citizen of China, Vietnam, or the Philippines. Secondly, it is acceptable to send a letter of acceptance from a post-secondary DLI for review.

Next, when applying for study permission via SDS, the student should live outside Canada.

He or she must also own a CAD10000 GIC (Guaranteed Investment Certificate). Health and police certificates should be submitted if need be. 

When it comes to language proficiency, in each language ability, listening, speaking, reading, and writing in IELTS.

the student is required to score 6.0 or more.

Another choice is to have a TEF (Test d’évaluation de français) score that is equal in each module/skill to a Canadian Language Benchmark score not less than 7.

If Quebec is the preferred place of study, the student should apply for the Quebec Certification of Acceptance (CAQ).

It is simple to acquire a GIC, as it can be procured from any of the banks listed on the website of the Canadian Deposit Insurance Corporation. The banks are HSBC Bank of Montreal, Bank of China, and Bank of Beijing, etc., 

The submission of medical and police certificates is another significant consideration. The former must be submitted by students who have traveled or resided for more than six months in some territories.

The details related to police certificates will be explained in the instructions for the visa office concerned. Also, the spouse, partner, or minor child will obtain quicker processing of visas via SDS.

It is possible to add their data at the time of the online application.

The application process is fully online and the instruction guide for filling out the forms, a working scanner for producing e-copies of the documents, and a valid debit or credit card for payment of the fee should be available before starting the process.

The applicant is often asked to include his or her photo and fingerprints after fee payment and submission. There will be guidance on how and when to do the procedure in a thorough letter from the Canadian government.


There are 30 days for the applicant to apply for biometrics. Then the submission, typically within 20 days, is processed.

A letter of introduction and an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) or a Visitor Visa will be forwarded if accepted. An officer will scrutinize the details when the candidate arrives at the port of entry and grant the permit if there are no problems.

If an application is refused, a letter explaining the reason will be submitted by the Canadian Authority.


For further clarity, the student should respond to that message.

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