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Are you ever perplexed by these Canadian student visa myths?

Are you an enthusiastic student in Canada who dreams of studying? If so, there is no doubt why the question above was struck by your eyeball. Indeed, chasing your dreams in a land where the index of economic and human growth ranks higher is a great decision. The influx of information online and offline also confuses you, leaving you with many doubts.

Therefore, learning about the true data is the best way to avoid misconceptions about the Canadian student visa. For a world-class education, Canada is one of the best learning destinations abroad. Every year, the immense diversity and prestigious education system attract lakhs of students. In various disciplines, a number of programs are available. Business studies and humanities students participate in other classes, such as technical courses, in addition to science.

Though, because of the fake data they have, the lion’s share of students hesitates to leap ahead. 

Your aspirations can be affected by misinformation! 


Your overseas dreams can be harmed by myths and tiny pieces of knowledge. In the search for knowledge, the golden chance of foreign learning experiences may be missed. What you’ll lack is a happier lifestyle. Make sure you know the source of knowledge before wrapping yourself up in this world of information.

So, there’ll be fewer opportunities for theories. You must be a little careful in order to have the truth. Let us now learn the most discussed misconceptions about Canada’s student visa. 


The unaffordable living costs 

You should expect the price of living in Canada as a student when you apply for a student permit. Your food and accommodation should, therefore, be picked. Compared to your native nation, you must recognize that the cost of living would be higher. But by selecting accommodation supplied by the respective university, you can afford it. In different locations, students can obtain several concessions. In addition, along with your studies, you can function.

As well as economic security, part-time work will help you gain experience. 


The higher rate of tuition 

Tuition fees vary depending on many factors, such as the course, its length, in different universities… Canada provides low tuition fees for public university courses. In general, these courses include bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees.

For foreign students, the special education scheme guarantees competitive tuition fees. The tuition rate would be comparatively higher when paying for courses at a private university. You should not be discouraged from applying for the desired course by the myth of greater tuition fees. Without higher tuition charges across Canada, top-quality education is a guaranteed fact.


It’s tough to get a research permit 

As a foreign national, it is important to have your study permit with you. But that does not indicate that it is difficult to get one. The government of Canada has appropriate procedures for applying for a research permit. They help you to get a student visa by following each move. You may apply either online or by visiting a visa application center. The work permit will usually take up to three months. With straight cut guidance from us, studying in Canada is a dream you can acquire.

Competency in French is mandatory. 

All university programs are taught in English and, thus, knowledge of French is not an obligatory criterion. By taking a test like TOEFL or IELTS, you can prove your efficiency in English. But there’s no French proficiency test to secure a student visa. Your knowledge of French, however, may be of use to you.


The severe cold of the 

Canada is the world’s second-largest nation and its climate is not just about winter. The complex landscape has four seasons of experience. Moderate temperatures make it a lot simpler. In spite of the cold weather, sunny summers are part of Canada’s climate. Moderate temperatures are enjoyed by densely populated areas along the US border than elsewhere. Acquiring foreign education seems unattainable for years to come.

The world has changed and anyone who wants to study abroad can go for it today. Your overseas aspirations become reality with the proper technical advice and structured implementation processes.

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